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Cinderella Solution Review – What to Know Before Buying

Cinderella Solution




Easy To Use







  • A weight loss system that’s designed specifically for women.
  • Unique weight loss program deals
  • Daily meal plans and bonus recipes.
  • Includes multiple programs that can be easily accessed or downloaded.
  • 60 days money back guarantee.


  • The 98-page manual can be a bit overwhelming for some folks.
  • The product is only available online
Cinderella Solution Review
Cinderella Solution Review

Cinderella Solution Review :

Women all over the world battle to shed those fat that has accumulated. The majority of them wish to slim down a one size… and look more toned instead of having arms that flail around like butterflies.

In the theory of exercise, healthy eating are touted as the pillars of success for weight loss. In reality, many women are either overwhelmed with household obligations or working full-time… or often both.

They simply do not have the time or the energy to go to the gym, or weigh their food each day and keep track of their calories like an abacus for humans.

They tend to try weight loss products or enrolling for Zumba classes they don’t often take or eating a lot of food to lose weight. All of it seems like too much effort , but it yields little or no results.

Many women are taking advantage of a weight loss program which has grown in popularity in the past year. It’s known as”the Cinderella Solution and it promises weight loss that is not a gruelling workout as well as no expensive medications and you don’t have to be starving yourself to shed pounds.

What is Cinderella Solution?

Take a break from those weight-loss pills, and forget the painful surgeries, the fancy creams, and costly modern-day popular diets. They don’t do anything but fail.

Cinderella Solution Cinderella Solution is an online, four-phase weight loss method designed especially for women over the age of 25, and is based on recent research which shows that the hormonal change women experience throughout puberty and into menopausal age basically kills female metabolism, which makes it almost impossible to shed pounds or maintain a healthy body.

In the course of the program you will learn a specific two-step process (specific set of exercises and an appropriate diet) which reactivates your metabolism and helps you begin burning fat easily. No, ladies, this isn’t a diet that counts calories or a strict diet plan that lets you eat more vegetables.

It’s completely safe and real, plausible and natural for all women. It’s all you need to do is exercise in specific ways and include specific nutrients in your diet to boost your metabolism.

It’s as easy as that. The entire job is done for you. All you need to be worried about is following the meal plan, cook recipes, watch the workout videos and then follow the 14-day schedule that you receive.

Here’s what you will receive at the time of your start:

  • Main Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Recipe Playbook
  • Guilt-free Dessert Guide
  • Video Exercise Guide (includes all exercises in the program)
  • The manual that you’ll be working through contains the four phases you must go through, which include:
  • Part One: The Program Explained
  • Part Two: Using Your ‘Daily Nutrition Blueprint Book’
  • Part Three: Using Your Movement-Sequencing Exercise Guide
  • Part Four: Top 10 Flavor Pairs and Weight Loss Combinations

But , does this Cinderella Solution really work?

Do we really require a brand new program for weight loss with a rather interesting name? Do you want to become the star of the ball by using this Cinderella Solution?

There is only one way to discover… Let’s take a look at this product more deeply.

The Good Points:

The woman who developed this method, Carly Donovan is a typical women. She was a busy mother who struggled to lose weight and discovered the method that worked for her by trial and trial and. She’s not an expert Cross Fitter or some athlete who isn’t having any trouble losing weight. Many women are able to relate to Carly and her Cinderella Solution is basically an account of her actions to lose weight. It’s real-world information.

She’s not a fitness instructor who specializes in the science of physiognomy or sports psychology. This is just Carly sharing the things her experience was… as well. And this is the most important part… the thing that did for her may be working for many women who are like her. This is exactly the reason this product is a raging bestseller.

The program is easy to learn. In the first chapter the reader is given an outline of what you have to accomplish and the main thing that the program is about. The emphasis is on food choices and meal times that are crucial to losing weight. 80 percent of the success in losing weight is contingent on the food you eat and when you consume food.

Chapter 2 is about coordinating your choices of food so that the effects of your food choices does not cause you to gain weight so easily. In addition you’ll be taught about how to eat your food, timing nutrition, pairing flavors and exercises that will help you become slim. It may sound like a lot of work however, these are all easy practices that are easy to implement.

Chapter 3 In chapter 3, you’ll be taught about phase 1, which is the ignition phase, and phase 2, which is called the launch. The truth is these terms really don’t have any significance.

If you follow the guidelines that you learned in the chapter 2 right You’ll surely shed some weight. The phrase “phases” is a clever way to create the impression that your body sheds weight through exciting phases. But it’s not. It loses weight over time and works at its own speed.

In addition to providing you with details about the diet you should follow to speed up weight loss, you’ll also be given meal plans, calendars as well as recipes. All of this is available to keep track of your progress, and to make sure that your diet is right without being excessively restricting.

>> “The Cinderella Solution is focused on finding out why the body stores fat, and the best way to manage the storage of fat and eliminate fat stores that are stubborn.

When you do this and following this method, you will not only shed the weight you currently have, but you’ll also be more likely not to put on weight back, or perform that weight loss exercise, where it is possible to lose two pounds in a week, and gain 3 pounds the following.

It can be described as a fat loss plan designed for women that is run by women. The official website contains a number of successful stories of people who’ve tried out this Cinderella Solution and benefited from it. It is effective… And that’s good news.

The package includes it’s book of 76 pages and an 30-page guide to practice and an 56-page Cinderella University guide. The book contains everything you require to change your body, without becoming a gym rat , or needing to eat celery at lunch, breakfast and dinner.

The Bad Points:

>> Let’s face it weight losing is a slow method. It really is. Although you can use the Cinderella Solution will give you all the tools needed to achieve success, it’ll take approximately 30 days to show improvements and between 60 and 90 days for you to truly appear like a completely new person.

The best part is that the process is very easy to follow. All you need is to stay to the system… and that will lead our attention to the following part…

Consistency. You have to be consistently. Many people fail in this area. This Cinderella Solution is not a magic pills for weight reduction. It requires that you apply the advice regularly for a minimum of 1 to 3 months before you can see positive results.

>> There are a few websites on the internet that call this product as a fraud. This can cause nervous buyers. Beware of these websites that could be deceived by their claims.

There are those who find a reason to complain and grumble about every aspect of their lives, but not working on making the changes needed to enhance their lives.

The Cinderella Solution will work, however, you’ll need to put it into practice. It’s the real reality. You can progress or find excuses. You may discover inspiration or spot inconsistent practices. It’s your choice – but only one option will get you there.

Things to Consider

The name suggests that The Cinderella Solution has not been designed to cater to men, but rather it was designed specifically for women, taking into consideration the particulars of a woman’s diet, metabolism, and other aspects in mind. This will result in better results as it isn’t going to be using a standard weight loss program that claims to be able to serve both genders and, in actuality, is geared towards neither. It is due to the fact that female and male bodies have different functions.

Studies have shown that both males and females have different metabolism rate and prefer different food choices, which is for you to choose a program to lose weight which is specifically targeted at those areas to guarantee more effective and quicker weight loss without having any unwanted negative side negative effects.

This is precisely the kind of service The Cinderella Solution is offering you. It’s a solution specifically designed to help women that are overweight and trying to shed those excess pounds.

Have you ever wondered why all effort have put into following different diet and weight loss plans hasn’t yielded any results? This is because the creators of these programs for weight loss tend to be more focused on growing their sales instead of providing an effective solution.

When you recognize that the female and male body are quite different in terms of digestion systems and metabolic rate, deciding on the right weight loss program specifically designed for women is an easy decision.

With that in mind, The Cinderella Solution is the perfect choice for women in their 20s and 50s and need to shed the extra weight. The program to lose weight is successful since unlike other programs for weight loss, The Cinderella Solution is targeted at the needs and wants of women who are trying to shed the excess weight.

Who’s It For?

This Cinderella Solution is designed for all women that are struggling in their weight loss and would like to live your own Cinderella story. The comprehensive program for weight loss has been specifically created for women over the age of 25 and wish to shed pounds in a healthy manner however, are unable to do so because of the negative effects on their metabolism because from hormonal fluctuations.

Instead of stressing about complicated diet plans that significantly cut down on the amount of nutrition your body absorbs, or requiring the strictest exercise regime.

Cinderella Solution Cinderella Solution focuses on the fundamental issues that cause the increase in weight for women. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to adhere to an eating plan that is comprised of cabbage and juices made from fruit The weight loss method is a tried and tested method for women to lose excess weight with a method that’s practical healthy, natural, and safe.

Who’s It Not For?

As with all things that are that you need in your life You will need to alter your the way you eat and your daily routine in order to enable the weight loss plan to be effective. The program comes with an extensive diet plan, along with a workout regimen which must be adhered to in order to see the outcomes from the weight-loss plan.

Cinderella Solution Reviews
Cinderella Solution Reviews

About The Author, Carly Donovan

In the simplest sense, The Cinderella Solution is Carly Donovan’s child. She describes her creator as a normal woman who was worried about her metabolism failing and set out to find a solution.

One of the main reasons for the success that has led to the success of The Cinderella Solution is that it wasn’t invented by a nutritionist or fitness trainer who pay stars to advertise the brand. It’s true that Carly is a real person who had the same struggles that women face after turning 20 and were faced with a declining metabolism.

The one thing that is different between Carly and the rest of us has been that she did not accept a slow body metabolism or weight loss as a consequence of a hormonal shift. Carly took her fate in her own hands and made her own Cinderella Story. Are you prepared to start your own story?

Should You Get the Cinderella Solution?

It depends. If you’re a working mom or a professional who wants to shed those unwanted pounds and slim down several sizes off your dress and the Cinderella Solution will definitely help you. You should definitely purchase it.

This program was developed for women who wants to shed weight, improve her health and attract attention. The majority of women fall in this category and can get the most benefit from the tips provided in the book.

If, however, you’re already athletic and trying to achieve those washboard abs, or appear like an Instagram models, then you’ll require a class that’s more intense and challenging.

A well-sculpted look requires the most effort and effort to achieve. In truth, only a small portion of women post photos of their bikinis on social media regularly.

A majority want the flab to go away, and they don’t wish to suffer from starving themselves or sweating it out while working at it every day. If you’re among those women you’re in luck because the Cinderella solution for you is written across it.


  • A weight loss program specially designed for women.
  • A unique weight loss program that is designed to address women’s problems with regards to losing weight.
  • Daily meal plans, as well as bonus recipes.
  • It includes multiple applications that can be quickly downloaded or accessed.
  • The company offers a 60-day money back assurance.
  • Cheaper than other software on the market.


  • The manual’s 98 pages may be a bit overwhelming to certain people.
  • The product is available only on the internet.


Cinderella Solution is every woman’s guide to counteract the effects of the hormonal change that research has proven that it damages female metabolism. This is a comprehensive guidebook that shows you the right food and exercise routines for boosting your metabolism so you can begin losing weight…

You don’t have to limit your diet or work out working out. It’s specifically designed for women just like me and you And, hey you’ll even have two months to test it out with the 60-day Money Return guarantee. There’s nothing to lose, besides an inactive metabolism.


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