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The Over 40 Keto Solution Review , Melt 7 Pounds Every 7 Day

The Over 40 Keto Solution at a glance




Easy To Use







  • The program will make you active and effective.
  • The program makes your metabolism better.
  • The diet and strategies given in the program are easy for old people.
  • It helps you to lose weight and has various health advantages.
  • 60 days money back guarantee.


  • The program is only available online.
  • It might not work for young people.

The Over 40 Keto Solution Review :

The Over 40 Keto Solution is an ketogenic-inspired weight loss program intended for women and men in their 50s, 40s, and 60s.

In contrast to the ketogenic diet, which is extremely nowadays, this regimen does not concentrate on elimination of carbs but rather, carb-cycling to ensure that your body gets the nutrients it requires for an optimal hormonal balance that is vital for optimal health as you get older.

The research also shows that those who solely focus on hormone optimization lose the most weight, 65% more than those who focus exclusively on reducing carbohydrates and calories, which is what traditional keto approach is about.

Then, with The Over 40 Keto Solution it teaches you how to eat keto without the need to cut out all carbs or the body being in a state of extreme stress, which fitness experts have dubbed”the “keto flu”.

Also you’ll be able to eat keto in a way that is appropriate to your age, and in a manner that makes you feel just as attractive as you look. It’s all about optimizing your hormones.

The Over 40 Keto Solution Reviews
The Over 40 Keto Solution Reviews

What is The Over 40 Keto Solution?

Although the keto-style diet is not being suitable for nutritionally healthy women and men in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Studies have found that those who are over 40 who adhere to an eating plan that is low in carbs have low levels of thyroid and leptin after a year.

While many young men and gals are experiencing substantial weight loss, if you’re past 40, you must adhere to a diet that takes your age into consideration , and this is exactly the purpose of The Over 40 Keto Solution is.

In this program, you’ll learn how to use ketosis for your body’s age, hormones and nutritional requirements. In contrast to the conventional keto version the program is focused on the process of carb cycling rather than eliminating carbs to make sure your body isn’t depleted the nutrients it requires to be healthy. This way you can reduce the chance of developing keto flu is also reduced which means you’re able to take advantage of the benefits of keto.

The work is already taken care of also and you’ll also get lots of data that is backed by scientific studies and research papers, so that you are aware of what you’re doing as well as why that you’re doing this. Additionally, you learn interesting facts about your health and weight loss as you get older.

In addition to the important information, the program also includes a variety of tables, graphs as well as food lists grocery shopping lists meals plan examples as well as checklists, cheat sheets and cheat sheets to make sure that you have a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Here’s a glimpse of the contents you will receive when you buy The Over 40 Keto Solution:

    • 7 Day Keto Carb-Cycling Blueprint
    • Plateau Buster Meal Plan
    • Kitchener Pre and Restaurant Cheat Sheets
    • Keto Solution Quick Start Checklist
    • Belly Bloat Elimination Tricks
    • Free Bonus: Free Live 7-day Fat Burning Coaching Session

Everything included in the program is digital, which means you have immediate access and can begin right now. It is easy to download the program onto your smartphone, laptop tablet, desktop computer. This will ensure that you are prepared whenever you travel, which will help you stick to the program to transform your body and your life to healthier ones.

The outcomes are assured with the 60-day Money Back Guarantee. This provides you with two months to experiment with the method. You’re not risking anything by trying out the keto diet.

The Authors of The Over 40 Keto Solution?

Shaun Hadsall is the creator of the Keto Solution. Shaun is a man of 48 who has plenty of knowledge in the fitness sector. Shaun has been a health specialist who has assisted countless clients achieve the fitness objectives they have set for themselves.

Because of his amazing fitness and diet, Shaun looks so young even at 40. According Shaun, according to Shaun the four Keto dangers are the reason that are preventing you to shed pounds.

In the year 1998 Shuan Hadsall won the title of 1st in the body transformation contest. In the course, Shuan had competed with more than a quarter of a million participants from all over the world.

Because of his outstanding performance during the competition, well-known media outlets contacted Shaun for interviews, such as ESPN Radio station, Oxygen and Club Solutions, along with several other. At the moment, Shaun Hadsall was only 28 years old.

Overview of The Over 40 Keto Solution Program

The Over 40 Keto Solution is an keto-inspired weight loss program designed especially for women and men who are who are over 40. It takes the classic keto diet and changes it into a nutritious and sustainable program that’s suitable for your body’s age hormonal needs, hormones, and nutritional requirements.

There is a wealth of useful information regarding the aging process of your body and how this method will assist in making you look and feel youthful again and without having to suffer adverse negative side consequences and “keto flu” that younger generations are able to easily combat.

When you’ve got the necessary knowledge to comprehend the program it is easy to follow action plans, including grocery lists, recipes, meals menu plans, step-by step guidelines , and more. The book is extensive and covers every aspect that affects your overall health.

The Over 40 Keto Solution Review
The Over 40 Keto Solution Review

Let’s take a look some of the topics that are covered:

7 Day Keto Carb-Cycling Blueprint

    • 3 Fat Burning Rules
    • Fat Burning Strategies
    • Pairing and Combining Your Meals
    • Food Combination to Avoid
    • 7-Day Calendar/Action Plan
    • Daily Meal Plan Overview
    • Meal Plan Sample
    • Carb Cycling Guidelines
    • Intermittent Fasting Guidelines
    • Meal Timing Templates
    • Intermittent Fasting Benefits
    • Ketone-Producing Breakfast Snacks
    • Grocery List
    • Food Swaps
    • Serving Sizes and Macronutrient Guidelines
      • Raw Nuts and Seeds
      • Dairy Fats
      • Fat and Protein Snacks
      • Proteins
      • Meat, Pork and Poultry (Protein and Fat)
      • Dairy Protein Choices
      • Wild Caught Fatty Fish and Seafood
      • Protein Powder
      • Vegetables
      • Carb Requirements and Serving Sizes
      • Starch
      • Fruit Requirements and Serving Sizes
      • Fruit
    • Other Foods to Avoid
    • Understanding the Importance of Including All Macronutrients For Long Term Metabolic Health and Longevity
    • Friendly Fats
    • Benefits of Eating Portion Volumizing Friendly Fats
    • 3 types of friendly fats that help to burn fat
    • Benefits of High Protein Diets
    • Carbohydrates
    • Benefits of Strategic Carb Intake
    • Negative Side Effects of Cutting Carbs
    • Best Carb Practices
    • A Crash Course on How People Over 40 Should Consume Carbs for Hormone Optimization and Faster Fat Loss
    • How and Why Carbs Can Make You Fat
    • How Carbs Can Keep You Lean 365 Days of the Year
    • Carbohydrates Usage and Storage Stages
    • Carbs – Pros
    • 3 Tricks You Can Use to Eat Lots of Carbs and Never Store Them As Fat

Plateau Buster Meal Plan

    • Why Grapefruit?
    • The Setup
    • Grapefruit Deplete Day
    • Carb-Up Day
    • Ketone Accelerator Day
    • Cheat Day
    • Food Substitutions and Guidelines
    • Meal Plan Overview
    • Meal Plan
    • Success Tracker and Food Journal
    • Intermittent Fasting Hot Sheet
    • How to Harness The Power of Intermittent Fasting
    • How to skip breakfast to get faster fat loss
    • How Intermittent Fasting Gives You Control Over Your Hunger Hormones
    • FAQ

Alongside all it, you will also get:

    1. Kitchener Pre and Restaurant Cheat Sheets
    2. Keto Solution Quick Start Checklist
    3. Belly Bloat Elimination Tricks

How Over 40 Keto Solution Works

It’s a great product for both women and men older than 40. It follows a typical Keto diet, along with a few methods that you have to implement to get the product working.

It gives you an action plan for making your diet and hormones healthier. The program helps keep your aging body in mind because of that it gives you all this information that will be healthy for your body.

The product’s goal is to help you look younger. After taking the Keto Solution, you are going to feel new vitality in your body. Be assured that you won’t be affected by negative side effects such as Keto flu, as Keto Solution is risk-free.

Once you’ve mastered all the details Once you have all the information, the program will offer you an action-oriented plan that is simple to follow. It could contain sample recipes, grocery lists as well as other elements which play an essential function in making you appear younger, and also help you shed weight.

Benefits of Using Over 40 Keto Solution

Feel Young

If you’re older than 40 and are tired of carrying around body fat and wish to be fit and healthy the program below will help you. It will help you feel younger by giving you new energy your body.

Many people over 40 believe that it’s impossible to lose weight by that age. This isn’t the case, and you can learn that through the Keto product.

If you’re over forty or sixty, you are able to lose weight by following the guidelines precisely. If you’re looking to recreate the sensation of youthfulness and body, this product is perfect for you.

Healthy Life

The majority of people over the age of 40 struggle in their fitness. This program can help you live an active and healthy lifestyle to live the time in a healthier way.

The product will stop the metabolic slowdown that was causing you to put on weight. It aids in activating thyroid hormones, which target the gland that burns fat.

In addition, it also enhances leptin signaling process, which will increase the amount of fat-burning cells.

Get in Shape

Many people over 40 are eager to look and feel better. They don’t want to make their body to look unattractive, which is why they test different products but the majority don’t do the trick. So, they give up on trying to look better.

This program can fulfill your desires and give you a gorgeous body shape , even after the age of 40. Additionally, you will learn how to keep that form for a longer period of time.


  • The food and the strategies described by the programme are simple for people who are older.
  • It assists in losing weight, and also has many health benefits.
  • The program will keep you active and efficient.
  • This product assists in maintaining the blood sugar levels.
  • The program helps make your metabolism improve.
  • It is appropriate for those older than 40.


  • This program can only be accessible on the internet.
  • It may not work for children.


The Over 40 Keto Solution is the best option for both women and men aged between 40 and 50 and 60s. Instead of focusing on eliminating carbs that is what the traditional keto diet is about, this program is focused on the process of carb cycling in order to guarantee the proper and essential hormone optimization to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The results are guaranteed by the 60-day Money Back guarantee, which gives you ample time to assess how eating the diet designed to meet your body’s needs will benefit you.

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