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Yoga Burn at a glance




Easy To Use







  • It is safe to use, prevent injuries, and improve your mood.
  • Amazing progressive sequence.
  • The videos are crystal clear. They teach you the right posture, the reason behind every movement,
  • The system works with your body, but also addresses emotional and mental distress.
  • This program is a jewel! Also, the author is an amazing woman. She knows what she’s talking about!


  • Only online access, ou can only access the program if you have an internet connection.
  • You have to be patient: Results start to show first in your strength, posture, and mood.

Yoga Burn Review : Yoga has been practiced since the beginning of time and many people view it as a type of exercise that’s easy and suitable to relieve stress.

The fact is that yoga can be extremely effective in building strength, strengthening your body, and aiding in weight loss as well.

Some of the most aesthetically-pleasing physiques belong to yoga practitioners who can execute poses that would make a bodybuilder tremble and groan.

In the last few years one of the top selling yoga courses online with thousands sold copies has been designed by a woman.

Most yoga classes are for women and men. They do not address the specific physical issues that different genders have to face.

Yoga Burn was specifically made specifically for women to assist to tone their bodies by solving the most common issues women have when they try to shed weight. It targets areas that are difficult to tone such as the buttocks and thighs.

With thousands of sales and lots of satisfied customers, it’s easy to declare the Yoga Burn is a proven product.Yoga Burn is a 12 week program with three phases. Each phase contains three videos and an overall total of 9 videos. Each video is around fifteen minutes in length.

The video will be played on repeat 3 times to make a 45-minute workout. The duration is just right to allow the workout to yield outcomes without being too hard.

When the 12 weeks have ended You’ll be much more adept at yoga, while your physique will become stronger and toned.

Yoga Burn Review
Yoga Burn Review

Let’s take a peek at the features included in Yoga Burn:

    1. Phase 1 Video Workouts
    2. Phase 2 Video Workouts
    3. Phase 3 Video Workouts
    4. Tranquility Flow Bonus Video Workout
    5. Tips and Tools Video
    6. Beginner Flow Video Workout
    7. Pose Tutorial Video
    8. Calendar and Instructions
    9. Access to the VIP Facebook Group
    10. Audio Files

Also, you can get some bonus items that include:

  1. Tranquility Flow Bonus Video Workout
  2. Tips and Tools Video
  3. Beginner Flow Video Workout
  4. Calendar and Instructions
  5. Access to the VIP Facebook Group

Who Is Zoe Bray Cotton, The Author?

Zoey Bray is a certified yoga coach and personal trainer offers a variety of methods to help people shed weight.

Based on her extensive experience, she realized that certain people gained greatly from Yoga. In the beginning, she was unable to figure out what caused this increase. However, as she continued to work with the people, she recognized it and developed this method.

Zoey who is a brilliant female, has decided to try further with this technique. She believed that Yoga will not cause harm. Therefore, even in the event that the experiment fails participants will benefit from the experience.

However, after a bit of experimentation and observation she realized that Yoga and certain diet control techniques, helped to promote weight loss. This was evident in those whose weight gain was linked to their mood.

In the final episode, Zoey did something that I’d never seen on other shows:

  • Set her system up.
  • Provide your fully explained routines and also videos.
  • You can teach you the technical aspects of what you’re working on.
  • Making you ready to be independent.

How the Program Works

Making a decision on your own isn’t simple. But, it’s not something is new and the programs are designed to help you successful. In this regard, this system is intended to aid you in learning ASAP and help you started on the right track right from the beginning.

In order to accomplish this to do that, the system is broken down into distinct phases. In this case, the process is dependable, which means you’ll always know what you need to do.

  • Phase One: Foundational Flow
    • An excellent way to introduce yourself Yoga.
    • Find out your “main” poses you’ll be working on.
  • Phase Two: Transitional Flow
    • Follow these steps to help get your body going.
    • Do this exercise often before moving onto the next.
  • Phase Three: Mastery Flow
    • Increase the difficulty.
    • Use your knowledge from the past to improve your body.

For me it took me a more time to transition between phases two and three. But once I was sure of my postures, I jumped and was able to complete the jump without issue. Many people prefer to test things for a few minutes and then move on. Because this program is secure I would suggest you try it out.

My advice is to be patient.

However, you won’t be lost on what you should do next. In this course you’ll always know what you’re doing and the reason.

The Good Points:

It’s an easy to follow’ video class that’s appropriate for beginners as well. The 12 week plan teaches you the basics so that you can build a solid foundation when you progress to more difficult exercises.

The instructions in the video are at a speed that’s slow enough for novices to follow… however, they’re quick enough that they don’t become excessively long.

Many yoga classes, books and videos instruct you in the poses without giving any thought to the gender. Yoga Burn, however, is a yoga class designed specifically for women.

Zoe Bray understands the unique issues women have to face when they try to shed the fat that is accumulating on their thighs and buttocks. Most men don’t have problems in these regions. Yoga Burn is designed in an approach that speeds up fat burning in these difficult places by toning the muscles involved through yoga exercises.

The course’s structure is the most compelling reason to enroll. It begins with the Foundational Flow phase where you discover the basics of yoga. Correct breathing, security, and how to do the poses using proper form and alignment, etc. are taught to you in this stage.

In the second stage of the course, also known as the Transitional Flow stage In the second phase, you’ll learn to effortlessly shift from one pose to the next. The aim is to make your movements fluid and graceful.

This is the most challenging part and it’s where you’ll build your lean muscle mass and improve your ability to do an exercise as a dancer instead of an unconnected marionette.

The third phase is about learning the poses and performing them with ease. Also, you’ll be learning advanced postures. As you progress you’ll be more robust and you’ll feel the power of yoga. This is what you’ll experience during the Mastery Flow Phase is all about.

In addition to these three sections, Yoga Burn comes with a sequence of Tranquility Flow. There are a couple of MP3 recordings to play, so you can use your Yoga Burn program better.

This can be downloaded digitally, and you’ll be able to download it immediately. it immediately. It’s possible to be yoga in a matter of minutes following making the payment. What a thrill!

If you’re concerned that you won’t like the program, set your worries to the side. Yoga Burn comes with a 60-day money-back assurance. It’s risk-free to invest and you’re always able to request a refund in the event that you aren’t satisfied.

The Bad Points:

The yoga routine is great for increasing flexibility as well as increasing strength and creating muscles that are lean. But, if you’re hoping to lose weight you’ll have to tidy up your eating habits and stay in a caloric deficit.

Once these two foundations have been set, Yoga Burn will melt the fat off of your body in no time. It will require discipline to stay eating a balanced and healthy diet.

It’s digital download only accessible on the internet. You’ll require a credit card to buy it, as well as an internet-connected computer connection to download it.

Yoga Burn Reviews
Yoga Burn Reviews

Should You Get It?

You should definitely. For women looking to be toned and healthy without straining yourself with lifting weights or running on treadmills, Yoga Burn is definitely the best option to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

Even if you’re only a beginner the course is designed for you as it begins with the basics, and then moves upwards.

The 12 week Yoga Burn program will take you from intermediate to beginner in no time. But, of course, if desire to learn yoga at the highest level it is necessary to work with a certified instructor.

But, if it’s strength and weight loss you’re looking for, Yoga Burn will more than meet your needs. It’ll provide you with that slim and feminine look that’s feminine, yet powerful in the same time.


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